Digital Mosaic revolutionizes the world of decoration and interior furniture. A new and ideal product to furnish hotel halls, reception rooms, swimming-pools, churches and bathrooms. We can create photographic and pictorial subjects of any shape and dimension. Digital Mosaic is suitable for indoor and outdoor spaces, as ultraviolet rays do not damage the surface chromatism. The distance and the shape of the tiles can be customised.


Mosaico Digitale

Since October 2008, the company Pepe&Con Srl has brought to the fore the millenary art of mosaic

thanks to the futuristic Digital Mosaic project, revolutionizing its creative perspectives. Digital Mosaic combines the traditional mosaic technique to an innovative system based on the most up-to-date digital technologies which enable to create an endless number of chromatic shapes and scanning.

This industrial production of unique works was born from Salvatore Pepe and Mario Coniglio’s knowledge of materials and passion for architecture but also from their ten-year experience in resin manufacture and digital print.

The company produces 100% customizable mosaics of any dimension, starting from a digital image chosen by the customer and processed by an exclusive software designed by Pepe&Con. In this way it offers the possibility to enhance, modify and create any type of environment.

This special technique developed by Pepe&Con is characterised by a technological process which decomposes the initial digital image and prints it on resin film tiles of the minimum size of 2x2cm. As in a huge puzzle all the tiles will recompose the initial image. Then each tile, representing a portion of the corresponding image, will be numbered to enable the installers to place them in the correct position in an easy and fast way.

The resin film suits perfectly the texture of walls, corners and bends that could not support the traditional mosaic.

Spaces are customized not only by the reproduction of the image itself but also by choosing and adapting shapes, distances and contents of the digital mosaic tiles to customers’ needs and bearings. Moreover, each tile can be embellished with Swarovski, gold, coffee, mineral and decorative stones.

From the first trade fair experience in Hostelco (Barcelona) in October 2008, the brand was immediately recognizable. A success confirmed by fruitful collaborations with architects and companies such as:

From the production site of Gravina in Puglia (Bari) the company has become known internationally through its widespread presence at events and exhibitions around the world.

In April, the company has stood out at the Salone del Mobile 2010 trade fair, during which it participated at some events outside the fair ground. Recently it has taken part in important exhibitions in Tunisia and Portugal and is already prepared to join the new international meetings of the next months.

Noteworthy is also the bathrooms’ furnishing of La Biennale in Venice, designed by the Architect Cammarata who turned the magnificent engraving of Paolo Fraternali into mosaics.

Pepe&con srl is a successful reality made in Gravina.

This town in Apullia has a new leader, which people can be proud of. The image of Apullia working, creating new and innovative ideas of international importance is carried out with passion by the founders of the company who firmly believe in the town’s growth and development.

Their example induces to pursue a common route, all uphill, and embark entrepreneurial goals.

“Promoting development in this period of economic recession is the right way in order to revive the fortunes of our territory”. Salvatore Pepe

Noteworthy is also the bathrooms’ furnishing of La Biennale in Venice, designed by the Architect Cammarata who turned the magnificent engraving of Paolo Fraternali into mosaics.